I Will Wedding's 'Marryoke' - Wedding Karaoke

New and exclusive to One Entertainment, Award Winning ‘Marryoke’ Wedding Karaoke music videos are an incredible keepsake for both you and your invited guests!

Simply choose a song that is special to you and we provide all the production necessary to create a unique memory of your special day.

Your wedding party and guests will absolutely love the process involved. Bringing the wedding party together, you lip sync the lyrics of your special song under the direction of our skilled production team (try holding back the fits of laughter!).

A truly interactive experience for everyone!

We then edit and produce a unique wedding memory, complete with family and friends, you will be singing along and dancing like never before (maybe ever again!).

See some of our award winning video clips below - These are a few of our award winning Marryokes from our London based team as an example of the unique concept/ video production of our Marryokes.

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