Brett St Claire The Ultimate Hoax Imposter

Talking to your guests and taking to the stage as an “International Marketing Guru” Brett St Claire (Brett Tutheridge) from Just Flog It, instantly engages the audience.  He gives a brief history of his humble London upbringing, before launching to his “how he has changed the way companies around the world  now think, feel and look at their marketing objectives forever”, while through his extensive research weaves in your company’s goals, aspirations no matter what the industry, reinforcing the values that has made him a well-respected marketing leader!

Brett St Claire is the ideal choice for a conference kick start or an after dinner guest speaker. Unlike other Hoax Speakers, Brett’s refreshingly different delivery of his speech is entertaining and interactive through his unique ‘sharing of past flogged products” to delighted and unsuspecting guests.

Intentionally keeping low key and only taking on a few engagements per year in this hoax role -  Brett St Claire will be a unique and memorable experience for your guests.  

So make contact today and secure this hugely entertaining hoax!


A little about the man behind the hoax:

Brett Tutheridge, is a well-established  professional entertainer, MC, producer of shows & creative production and  has a strong business background  in a multitude of business ventures. His comic timing quick wit and his attention to detail with extensive research makes this London  International Marketing Guru a breath of fresh and “very funny air”.


Clients say…

Professional presentation, accurate, well researched, and hugely entertaining! 


Brett Tutheridge Took on the role of Brett St Claire , a Marketing expert from the UK giving seminars in Christchurch on Rebuilding Your Business. As a director of a company called “Let’s Just Flog It”. Our delegation was so overwhelmed with the facts and figures Brett gave that some of them even asked where they could get copies of his best-selling book. For the few of us in on the hoax, it had us in absolute stitches as Brett went off on another tangent only to bring some believability back just before the secret was given away. All in all though, an important message for our industry of thinking outside the box was delivered in a highly comical way. Prior to the keynote speech, Brett mingled with our delegation and came across as a very well read and very well educated on our industry despite only being here for a short time. This helped make his keynote speech all that more believable, despite his quirky take on sales and marketing.



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